Republicans Who Have Endorsed Josh

Nearly a third of Josh’s in-district donors last quarter came from those who aren’t registered Democrats.

“Gottheimer’s campaign … has drawn support from independents and … Republicans, and pointed to a fund-raiser hosted by James Cicconi, who served as deputy chief of staff to former President George H.W. Bush and as a special assistant to President Ronald Reagan.”

                                                                                                                                                                                             – The Record of Bergen County                                                                                                       July 15, 2016


 “This wasn’t a partisan decision; it was a decision to support somebody I think is really good.”

-James Cicconi, Former George H.W. Bush Deputy Chief of Staff and Special Assistant to President Reagan 

James Cicconi
Mike Ackerman
Candace Arslanian
Gerald Bedrin
Michael Carlson
Jamie Chudnoff
Lauren Cohen
Edward Doherty
Amy Eskilson
Robert Fuhrman
Karen Gerbatsch
Bob Goodman
Michael Groothuis
Seth Haubenstock
David Hausmann
Brian Jacobs
Adam Kupperman
Enid Kossar
Ed Lefferman
Kenneth Levitsky
Charles Lieberman
Eugene Lipkowitz
Neal Lipschitz
Hal Messer
Don Ottaunick
Louis Piccininno
Wayne Poller
Laura Quigley
Jonathan Brolin
Rick Powell
Allen Rapaport